In-House Water Filtration Systems



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Water Filtering/Conditioning Services

Installing an in-house water filtration system will improve your water quality. It will eliminate microbes, chlorine, excess minerals or a pH imbalance in the water you drink or use in your household appliances.
With our water filter system, your water-based appliances will run smoothly and last longer, thus reducing the need for repairs.
  • A variety of water filtration solutions
  • Whole-house systems
  • Drinking systems
  • Problem water solutions
  • Eco-friendly solutions
Water Being Poured in a Glass - Water Filtration Systems in Edmond, OK

Puronics, The Ultimate Water Filtering System

  • Cleans up all of the elements of your water that are unhealthy
  • Charcoal filter that attacks the chlorine and other chemicals in your water
  • Lifetime warranty
  • If you move, we will install your system in your new home free of charge
Puronics Water Filtering - Water Filtration Systems in Edmond, OK

North Star Water Softener

North Star Water Softener - Water Filtration Systems in Edmond, OK